Up Nort

I woke up one morning, and I got out my gun,
And we headed up nort on Highway 141!
It was time for breakfast - we'd been drivin' a while,
Hit the Quik Mart in Lena for a case o' Old Style!
Well, we finally got to Crivitz at eleven o'clock,
With hopes of killin' furry critters, and some grouse, and woodcock!
We drenched ourselves in skeeter spray:  it was 100% Deet -
Yah! We're lucky that we stopped at the Farm and Fleet!
Now we're both ready, the bugs won't be so harsh,
We set out for some woodcock, tromping through the marsh.
About 20 minutes later we heard a little sound,
And 3 or 4 woodcock flew off of the ground.
I aimed the Winchester double barrel over and under,
And blew off two shots?  Guy, they rang out like thunder!
But I used slugs instead of birdshot.  Yah, that wasn't so smart.
I hit two of them woodcock and ripped them both apart,
I found a beak and two feathers - no problem with my aim,
Better load with birdshot, yah, and find some other game!
We kicked up some grouse and they took to the sky,
When they hit the clearing, those grouse were going to die!
We were about to take a shot before they flew too far,
Then up came a warden from the DNR.
He said, "I need to see a license, you can't run around here,"
"And what's the deal with all the empty cans of Old Style beer?"
So we gave 'em our papers, we ain't doin' no harm,
We got permission to hunt the woods behind the VanderVelden farm!
He said, "All right you guys can hunt again, everything's O.K."
But we said "No it's not, 'cause all the grouse flew away!"
Well it's time to move, on so we headed up the hill,
Maybe we can find a fuzzy animal to kill!
I kicked a brush pile and out shot a rabbit,
And we fired both barrels at the hare out of habit.
I sprayed him full of shot and laid him out on the rocks,
And my gun scared the hell out of a red-tailed fox.
The fox darted past between me and the rabbit,
And as he ran by he sure enough went and grabbed it.
I couldn't shoot the varmint, didn't reload my gun,
So we hopped back in the pickup, we weren't having any fun.
Just out of Beaver on the county trunk, 
We stopped in the bar and got rip-snorting drunk,
When we stumbled out the tavern with a beer in our fist,
It was five hours later, oh the wife will be pissed!
To avoid the law, we used County Truck B -
We won't get no T - I - C - K - E - T!
But we shouldn't have been drivin', after 10 or 20 beer,
Cause we flew off of the road and ran smack into a deer!
It caused eleven-hundred dollars in damage to his truck,
But it cost a little more for that mutilated buck!
We got skunked on the hunt but were happy all the same,
We went hunting up in Crivitz and came home with some game!