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What is Shad-Rapp?

Shad-Rapp is a musical comedy group who makes hilarious parodies of contemporary rap (and some rock) hits. The content of these songs all portray the unique lifestyle of the average Midwestern outdoorsman, with a humorous twist - in short, it's all about fishing pike, hunting deer, and drinking plenty of Wisconsin-brewed beer! So if you can imagine a recent radio rap song, but with lyrics about fightin' ferocious fish and blastin' big bucks, you can imagine Shad-Rapp!

Shad-Rapp started when six of the greatest hunters and fishermen from around the state of Wisconsin came together at a fishing show. After a night of sharing stories and comparing hunting and fishing records, this crew came to be known as Shad-Rapp. Shad Shawalski, Charlie Polska, Byron Sweeny, Earl Crap, Pete VandenBoom, and Al Schlovotchschlovitz began rapping the praises of the hunting, fishing and beer-drinking lifestyles of their fellow Midwesterners. Being that they are all truly avid hunters and fishermen, the guys in Shad-Rapp had plenty of experiences from which to draw material. Many hilarious personality traits of each of the characters can be heard in their three hit CD releases.

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