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To facilitate business start-ups, NRW offers…. more than two thirds of all loans granted. Two large groups are self-employed:

Funding database – funding search

Funding database - funding search

In cooperation with Bank supports the promotion of start-ups and investment projects by young companies and freelancers in the first five years after the company was founded. any form of company formation (foundation of a new company, takeover of an existing company, takeover of an active company participation), successor agreements (“takeover of an existing company”, takeover or increase of an active company participation), investment projects, e.g. for expansion (including relocation), renewal, Lean, change of production processes and product range or for the purchase of companies, operating resources and warehouses (also independent of investment projects).

Natural people can submit applications regardless of the time of their previous independence if they have actively participated or increased. Baden-Wuerttemberg must be considered as an investment location. In addition, debt restructuring cases, restructuring cases and companies in need within the meaning of the General Group Exemption Regulation are excluded from the financing. If sufficient loan collateral is not available, the commercial bank can obtain a guarantee from the bank.

Emigrate, but correctly!

Emigrate, but correctly!

Even if you think you’ve found a good business idea or employment contract in your new country, you still need start-up funding. In Denmark, for example, it is particularly popular when you are looking for credit.

This is so boring, but so important: emigrants should bring the language of the country of destination with them! Of course you will not have the same language quality as a native speaker, but a certain basic understanding and vocabulary of the national language should be available.

The reserves should be available for a period of one year without income. It can be very risky to achieve self-employment abroad only with loans. Even the best business ideas take time to be good. Note: If you plan well and sustainably, learn the foreign language, write everything and have a financial cushion, nothing stands in the way of a successful emigration.

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