One Pike, Two

One pike, two pike, three pike, four - Let's hit the lake again and catch some more!
My name is Shad Shawalski, And I'm DJ Sweeney-
And I got a little story 'bout a slimy green meany.
Some call it a water-wolf, some call it a snake-
And you can find 'em in de rivers, you can catch 'em in de lake!
If ya ever grab a hold o' one yer hands are gonna smell,
Yah! And careful where ya hold 'em - they're ferocious as hell.
They got a mouth like a gator, and a body like a hog
They'll bend yer rod over, like yer snagged on a log!
But that's the type of fishin', that we both like,
I wanna (beat boxing) Catch a pike!
Catch a pike!
Catch a pike!
Pike!  Pike!
Pike!  Pike!
Catch a pike!
When we go pike fishin', we header up state,
To our special secret spot, where de fishin's great.
We use de trollin' motor, And we go along de shore,
We work around de bays, Throwin' spoons galore!
I was castin' a Cleo, And I used a Red Eye,
I think dat I'm a catch de first one! What?!!  No way, guy!
Wit me and Shad, It's a fierce competition,
Yah, were always best friends, until it comes to fishin',
I turned and threw a cast, into de middle of the lake,
Reeled the lure in, and it was followed by a wake!
Then de water erupted!  What a violent strike!
Yo! Shad what is it? (beat boxing) It's a pike!
Well Shad was busy reelin', And Sweeny grabbed de net,
It was comin' in easy-	Yah, I didn't break a sweat!
He got it to the boat and said 	"Hey guy I caught her!"
Then the Pike took off, screamin' out to deep water!
I finally got it in, and it was mad as hell!
It got me all slimy, Yah - man do you smell!
Well this'll be one Northern, that won't be released,
I'm gonna bring it to de wife, were gonna have a feast,
I threw it in de cooler, and we brought him home,
Filleted him up. Hey! Watch de Y-bones!
If you ever went fishin', ya probably know what its like-
When ya (beat boxing) Catch a pike!