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Shoot! Der It Is!

Shoot! Der It Is! CD CoverIn 1994, Shad-Rapp finished their first release named Shoot! Der It Is! This six song CD eventually became quite popular, being aired on radio stations throughout the Midwest. The smash hunting-time hit on this release is the title track "Shoot! Der It Is!," a parody of Tag Team's "Whoomp! There It Is!" It is a song about Shad-Rapp's adventures during deer hunting season, and how they hunt down an elusive eight-point buck.

But "Shoot! Der It Is!" is by no means the only funny song on the album! Another song that has gained a lot of popularity and radio play is "Ice Fish Baby," a spoof of Vanilla Ice's one-hit wonder. This is the story of Shad Shawalski, the lead vocalist, and his ice fishing endeavors which mix beer drinking and trophy fishing luck on frozen Lake Poygan. Another comical song on the album is "We Want Some Crappie," a crowd participation song that parodies a popular song from Two Live Crew. This song tells Shad's tale of catching the state record crappie. The other three songs are "Up Nort," "Da Fishin' State," and "Baraboo Rap." These are all originals that include many hilarious adventures of the six-man crew in the north woods of Wisconsin.


Double Barrel

Double Barrel CD CoverBlasting off the success of their first release, Shad-Rapp released their second album entitled Double Barrel in 1996. This CD has even more entertaining songs about Shad-Rapp's outdoor excursions! The hit song "Big Bucks," a parody of Sir Mix-a-Lot's "Baby Got Back," combines an energetic tempo with a comical depiction of Shad's 'buck luck'. Another radio hit is "U Can't Catch Fish." This humorous song tells the tale of how the guys embarrass a 'city boy from Illinois' in a fishing tournament. It is a parody spinning off of Hammer's "U Can't Touch This."
Shad-Rapp went the extra acre to find perfection in background vocalists as well. Local bait shop worm-girl Janet Planowski accompanies the group in "Bust a Goose" and "It Takes Two (Barrels)."

A song of note, "Beer," a polka-ized version of the Beastie Boys' "Girls," is a sort of pledge of allegiance which Shad-Rapp devotes to beer brewed in their home state of Wisconsin. Like their first album, Double Barrel has its originals as well. "One Pike, Two" is a joint effort between Shad and Byron Sweeney, in which they glorify the fight of the popular Northern Pike. Byron goes solo in "Ya Heyin," where he portrays the typical life of a 'Ya-Hey.' Other great songs include "Shad-Rapper's Delight," "Spear Me a Sturgeon," and "Crimeny Cripes," where one can hear more crazy exaggerations of life on the lakes, in the woods, and in the taverns.


Unlucky Buck

Unlucky Buck CD CoverHoly cripe, hey!  In October of 2000, Shad-Rapp released their third full-length CD, entitled Unlucky Buck!  This CD combines a little classic rock influence with Shad-Rapp's usual rappin' style.  Like their first two CDs, Unlucky Buck contains half parodies and half originals.  The double whammy of "We Will Hunt You" and "We Are Da Hunters" (parodies of Queen's "We Will Rock You" and "We Are The Champions") were the deer hunting hits of 2000!  

Hunting fanatics Shad Shawalski and Byron Sweeney team up for a duck hunt rapp in "Mallard".  And for all you hunters, Shad goes off on a giant Tom in "Turkey Killer".  Another parody, White Bass (a spoof of Grand Master Flash's "White Lines") is the ultimate fishing rapp!

For all you hunters who kill your deer on opening day and have nothing to do but party the rest of the weekend, you can celebrate to Shad-Rapp's ultimate deer-kill celebration jam:  "Buck's Worst Nightmare".

The final track on Unlucky Buck is called "Beer Breath" which demonstrates Shad-Rapp's belchability with a 15-second beer burp!  (State Record).  You gotta hear this one to believe it!



Get That Bass (Single)

Get That Bass CD Cover

Shad-Rapp declared 2008 as the "Year of the Bass" and released their much anticipated single entitled "Get That Bass".  This song is another original tune, with a definite hard-core flavor.  Shad boasts of his 8-inch purplish-pink power worm, and his love for mounting a nice big bass up against the wall.  This song is a must for anyone who has a bass boat outfitted with a CD-player!






Double Shot

Double Shot CD Cover

Shad-Rapp released Double Shot in October 2008.  Double Shot is a mix of all the songs, digitally remastered, from the first two hit CDs, Shoot! Der It Is! and Double Barrel.






Hope I Get a Buck (Single)

Hope I Get a Buck CD Cover

New for 2013, “Hope I Get a Buck” is Shad-Rapp’s latest rap parody masterpiece.  The song hilariously depicts the Midwestern deer hunting week traditions of beer guzzling, cheese-eating, partying, and getting up early on opening day for the thrill of the kill.  The song also incorporates the “deer hunting widow” wife’s perspective on the annual event.  Comedy aside, this song is sure to get any hunter pumped up for the season!





As you can see, each of Shad-Rapp's songs represent a humorous depiction of the typical life of a Midwestern outdoorsman. Though most of the material comes from the thick woods and swamps of Wisconsin, the recording value is professional. Each of Shad-Rapp's releases were digitally recorded and re-mastered in a state-of-the-art recording studio. You can sample a few of the songs from their albums on this web page. If Shad-Rapp sounds like something you like, ordering information can also be found.

Shad-Rapp currently has two full-length releases available - Double Shot and Unlucky Buck! - as well as the singles - Get That Bass and Hope I Get a Buck!

Double Shot has sixteen songs, including:

1. Shoot! Der It Is! 
2. Big Bucks
3. Ice Fish Baby
4. Bust A Goose
5. U Can't Catch Fish
6. We Want Some Crappie!
7. Ya Heyin'
8. One Pike, Two
9. Up Nort
10. Shad-Rapper's Delight
11. Beer!
12. Spear Me A Sturgeon
13. Da Fishin' State
14. It Takes Two (Barrels)
15. Baraboo Rap
16. Crimeny Cripes! 

Unlucky Buck has nine tracks, including:

1. We Will Hunt You
2. We Are Da Hunters
3. White Bass
4. Turkey Killer
5. Mallard
6. Buck's Worst Nightmare
7. Ya Hey!!
8. Byron The Butcher
9. Beer Breath

Get That Bass and Hope I Get a Buck both have one self-titled track.


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