Ice Fish Baby

Hey, Smitty!  Let's fish it!
Ice fish, baby! (x 2)
Hey guy, stop!  Grab your bait and listen.
Ice is on the lake, so we're going fishin'.
With me is my best friend Mike,
We're hitting Lake Poygan for the trophy pike.
Will I catch a perch?  Hey, I guess so.
I got some new jigs and a brand new Zebco.
I loaded up de truck with all my new gear,
Mike got the bait, I bought the beer.
Sorrels.  I got a nice pair of boot,
To go with my hat and my blaze orange suit.
But that ain't enough so I threw on three pair,
Of heavy duty flannel thermal underwear.
Drilling.  The ice is half a foot thick,
My gas-powered ice auger outta do the trick.
If I wanna eat, cripe - I gotta catch dinner,
Drop my line in the hole with a minnow and a spinner.
Ice fish, baby!  I wanna ice fish, baby! (x 2)
Now that the pike are biting,
My arms getting sore 'cause the fish keep fighting.
Flip of my wrist, with my wrist there's a flip,
Hooking them fish, hook them right through the lip.
Another bite!  Hey guy, get ready.
Jig the line twice then you keep your line steady,
Let him take it, 'til the minnows good and took,
Reel up all the slack, and then you set your hook.
You get thirsty - A pike fight can be a killer,
So we brought along a cooler stocked full of Blatz and Miller.
Drinking on the ice, guy - it can't get any better,
But now and then I think about the warm spring weather.
And start dreaming, of a fifty-foot cast,
Reel it in quick, reel it quick with a bass.
But I can't, 'cause all I got is this hole,
A hole in the ice and this three-foot pole.
I gotta hit!  My lines screaming, Holy crap!
My pole's bent over, guy - I think it's gonna snap!
I almost got it, and it's big like a whale,
It's mean, dark green, guy - better get the scale!
Is it a keeper?  I don't know, weigh it.
If it's ten pounds you can bet I'll filet it.
It's twenty-six pounds, guy - you make the call.
Go to taxidermy, mount it on the wall.
Ice fish, baby! I wanna ice fish, baby! (x 2)
It's Sunday.  I bet the wife's at church.
I'd rather be here on the lake catching perch.
And there hitting - we're getting two every minute,
Filled a five gallon pail 'cause there ain't no limit.
I just can't believe my eyes,
We're catching all these perch around the twenty ounce size.
On Lake Poygan, that's what the ice fishing's like,
We caught a hundred-twenty perch and kept seven trophy pike.
But it's almost noon, guy, and it's getting kind of late,
We ran outta beer and we're running outta bait.
We could catch more, but cripes, who cares?
Let's head to the bar and watch the Packers beat the Bears!
Ice fish, baby! I wanna ice fish, baby! (x 2)
Hey, guy! We're outta beer.  Let's go get another!
Ice fish, baby!  It's too cold! (x 4)