Get That Bass

I'm a bass master 'cause I get that bass!
When I wanna get some, I can get some fast.
Go to the hole with my four-stroke Johnson -
You know I got holes all across Wisconsin!
Don't matter if it's black or white -
I get that bass every day and night!
I rig up and toss it, and give it a flick -
That bass is gonna feel my Ugly Stick!
Oh - Do you like this bass?
   Aw yeah! That's a nice lookin' bass!
Uh - You wanna get this bass?
   Oh! Lemme grab that bass!
Uh - Do you need some bass?
   Mmm yeah! That's a nice big bass!
Ooo - You gonna get that bass?
   Yeah!  I'm gonna GET THAT BASS!!!
Uh!  What's that I smell?!  IT'S BASS!
Aw yeah!  I knew I could tell!
I grab my soft plastic - then let it sink -
Mine's a mean eight inches, and its purplish pink!
Got my rod tip up and my hand's on my reel,
That first big bump is what I'm waiting to feel.
I hold my pole - keepin' it firm -
That bass is goin' down on my Power Worm!
(Repeat Chorus)
Now I'm crankin' and jerkin', with a flip and a tug,
That bass goes nuts for a deep divin' plug!
Bring it on in - I go for the grip -
I'm down on one knee - put my thumb in the lip!
Got bass all day - I was damn happy,
'Til I fished the wrong hole and come out with a crappie!
BIG BASS!  Largemouth or small!
I wanna mount a big bass up against the wall!
(Repeat Chorus)