Da Fishin' State

Shawalski's on the mic.  I'll tell ya what I like.
It's fishing Lake Michigan for walleye, perch and pike.
But there's tons of other lakes where the fishing's great,
To me Wisconsin's not the dairy, it's the fishing state.
I'm gonna start off with a story 'bout when I gotta strike,
I was fishing up near Hayward for the northern pike.
I used a home-made floater and casted off the dock,
And when that pike hit my lure, I almost went in shock.
The northern jumped out of the water like he wanted to fly,
I took a look and set my hook and yelled, "Holy Crap, guy!"
That pike put up a fight, cripe he sure was strong,
Weighed 32 pounds and measured 50 inches long.
There's another pike we catch and this one ain't small, guy,
There out on Winnebago - Ya, I'm talking about the walleye.
We use Little Joe spinners, sometimes minners and a jig,
Charlie caught a lunker and Holy cripes was he big!
But if you're on Lake Winnebago and all the walleye are gone,
It's probably 'cause they head up the Wolf River to spawn.
So each and every April you'll find us having fun,
Fishing up in Fremont for the walleye run!
Every time we fish for perch we catch them pound after pound,
We have the Friday night fish fries the whole year 'round.
In winter we use tip-ups on the ice on Lake Poygan,
And the rest of the year, we're off the shores of Sheboygan.
I'd say an ultra light rod, hook and worm work best,
And for the really great action, use a two-pound test.
Almost all the perch we catch are considered trophy size,
And every August in the tournament we win the first prize! 
Well you can't forget a certain fish, you catch them every cast,
I'm talking largemouth, smallmouth and hybrid bass.
One time I picked up Sweeney and we left real early,
And we fished at Gile Flowage about a mile out of Hurley.
Byron used a Power Worm, I chose a plastic craw,
We caught a dozen of the biggest bass that you ever saw.
One was eight pounds and cripes did it break water,
Took a 20-minute fight before I reeled in and caught her!
See when it comes to fishing, every guy in Shad-Rapp's great,
And we all hold at least one record in the state.
It's trophy crappie, trophy perch, trophy walleye, pike and bass,
Ya, you can tell Babe Winkleman to kiss my ass!
Well it's time to go and fish again and see what I can catch,
So here's D.J. Sweeney on the Shad-Rapp scratch!!!