Shad-Rapp's Double Shot CD

Double Shot is a mix of all the songs, digitally remastered, from the first two hit CDs, Shoot! Der It Is! and Double Barrel.  It has sixteen tracks, including:

1. Shoot! Der It Is! X
2. Big Bucks X
3. Ice Fish Baby X
4. Bust A Goose X
5. U Can't Catch Fish X
6. We Want Some Crappie! X
7. Ya Heyin' X
8. One Pike, Two X
9. Up Nort X
10. Shad-Rapper's Delight X
11. Beer! X
12. Spear Me A Sturgeon X
13. Da Fishin' State X
14. It Takes Two (Barrels) X
15. Baraboo Rap X
16. Crimeny Cripes X


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