We Want Some Crappie
Hey we want some crappie (x4)
You see me and the fellas all have this dream -
And that's to make the cover of Crappie Magazine.
So today we went up nort and put the boat in the lake,
To catch some bass and crappie, for criminy-cripes sake!
The Evinrude was humming, and we took a little ride,
So we could cast into the weed beds on the other side.
Pete threw the anchor over over as I rigged up my pole,
About a five-pound crappie's what I set for my goal!
Byron threw some minnows on a crappie rig,
As I tipped a large maggot on a fuzzy head jig.
We took our first cast.  The lake was calm, not choppy -
What a fishing condition if you like to catch crappie!
Hey we want some crappie (x4)
Well Pete caught the first.  It was a real hum dinger,
And in forty-five minutes, guy, we filled up the stringer!
We didn't catch a trophy yet, but just you wait,
'Cause I switched to pork rinds and that's my secret bait.
Cripes!  I got a hit and it's the biggest one yet -
Holy crap!  It's a crappie, guy, better get a net!
I hung it on my scale - to see what it counts -
This one's the state record;  five pounds one ounce!
Now that's the biggest crappie that I've ever seen - 
And it got me on the cover of Crappie  Magazine!
Hey we want some crappie (x4)