Big Bucks

I like big...
Bucks and I cannot lie-
You other hunters can't deny-
That when a buck walks past yer stand real fast,
Ya wanna pull up yer gun and blast, and go...
BOOOOM!  Drop him dead on his back-
But first it better have a nice rack.
Cause if ya think I'll shoot a doe,
I'll tell ya der guy, Heck no!
Ohhhh, some guys, they'll even take shots
At an itty bitty doe that still has spots,
But I don't shoot fer venison meat-
I'll shoot a cow if I want ta eat!
Ya, my buck meat, is tough like jerky-
But I know it won't hurt me.
So it might not be fer cookin',
But that mounted rack sure is good lookin'!
Ya see I won't take a look,
Unless it makes that record book
I like 'em big, and strong,
And them antlers better be long!
So hunters!  "Yah!"  Deer hunters!  "Yah!"
Do ya wanna shoot that buck?!!  "Heck yah!"
Then blast it!  "Blast it!"  Blast it!
"Blast it!"  Blast dat big ol' buck!  - I like big bucks!
(Scratch) --"Headin' up nort fer de trophy buck!"
I like big bucks!
When I head up nort fer white tail season,
It's fer one reason-
Sure I love drinkin' that beer,
But first I gotta shoot that deer!
Outside.  It was snowin'-
I couldn't wait to get goin',
So I woke up in de the night-
And I found my stand by de bright moonlight.
There I sat in de tree,
So my eyes were peeled to see-
That monster buck that came in de night
And bed down right under me!
Now de sun was comin' up-
And I could see it was a trophy 10-point buck!
He's huge - You can tell he's corn-fed!
Wit a rack like a tree growin' outta his head!
Now I got him in my sights, and
Boom!  Double shot!  Boom! Boom!
And you can bet I hit it-
So I climbed down de tree to get it!
Then I could not find him-
But a fresh blood trail led me right behind him!
And when I stepped into de clear-
He was layin' der dead, so I tagged that ear!
I took de knife out fer cleanin',
And left a gut pile steamin'! - I like big bucks!
I like big bucks!
"You know it der, guy!"
"When de guys from Shad-Rapp go huntin'-"
"We always say no to de doe"
"Cause trophy bucks are de way ta go"
"Hey! Sweeny!
"Did ya see de size o' dis one?!"
"Holy Cripes, guy!"
"Dat's a wall hanger if I ever saw one!"
Well I tell ya - it sure felt good
As I dragged dat buck right outta them woods.
I took a look at his head-
Enormous!  At least a 20-inch spread!
Wooooha! What a trophy buck-
And it's all tied up on de back o' my truck!
Now it's time for celebration,
And bring it into town fer registration
Everyone was starin'
At de buck my truck was wearin'!
I said "How you doin', fellas?"
With de look they had, they were all dead jealous!
I had to laugh at Joe-
He was talkin' venison - he shot a 50-pound doe!
Most guys are good at talkin',
But when it comes down to it, their buck's still walking
Yah, I always brag-
About the buck that wears my tag!
I had a score official count it-
And now it's time to mount it!
My Boone and Crockett score
Was a big One-Eighty-Four!
Yeah - I'm a top-notch big buck killer-
I think its time fer a Miller! - I like big bucks!
(Scratching)  I like big bucks!
"I shot a big buck w/ a 10-point rack!"